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70+ Affiliate Marketing Statistics 2022 UPDATED

Various KPI calculations that you can use to analyze the success of your affiliate marketing campaigns. To maximize your content monetization efforts, you ought to study every affiliate marketing program that you encounter. It’s imperative that you understand the mechanics and crunch the numbers to determine whether a program is viable enough for you and avoid wasting your time and energy. Irrespective of niche and revenue sharing percentage, the profitability of an affiliate marketing program boils down to perfect partnership.

How to analyze affiliate statistics

Through the use of pivot tables, you can perform a successful A/B testing and also split test offers. If you don’t want to get involved with programming, then Excel really is both the fastest and easiest tool for you to use. These analyses are fundamental if you want to turn your campaigns into gold mines. The result is an increase of the eCPA, which may turn a profitable campaign into a black hole. In this case, it’s clear that someone has gotten your position, therefore decreasing both your volumes and traffic quality. By analyzing the correlations, you’ve made your campaign profitable.

8.) Approximately 67.32% of affiliate marketers communicate with clients using social media. If you’re looking to get into affiliate marketing, understand that it is a significant time investment. Getting noticed is not an easy task, and there’s no winning formula that you can follow. However, once you’re all set up and find a network or program that fits your vision, success will follow. If you manage to succeed in this branch, affiliate marketing can be a great source of passive income.

Best Excel Shortcuts for Data Analysis

Nevertheless, competitive brands are likely motivated to invest more to come up with fairer programs in order to be and stay on the good side of valuable publishers. Some may consider 10% insignificant, but it could make a huge impact when spent properly. One of the most important facts about affiliate marketing is that merchants can already benefit from the channel without needing to pay publishers. 76% of merchants consider increased traffic a secondary advantage of affiliate marketing. This is a testament to the power of thoughtfully crafted native ads.

How to analyze affiliate statistics

18.7% of affiliate programs fall under the fashion category followed by sports (14.6%) and beauty and health/wellness (11.1%). Even if only one seems to represent a threat to your business, others surely target the same audience. Monitoring their affiliate programs as well will provide you a wider perspective and help you steer your own program in the right direction.

Affiliate Marketing Revenue Statistics at a Glance

The ecommerce giant amended its affiliate policy in 2017, enabling marketers to earn commissions based on product categories instead of individual items. The Millionaire Mentor’s Instagram affiliate marketing stats during that 12-month period must have inspired countless social media users to consider pursuing an influencer career. The 8,000+ affiliate marketers who contributed to this figure said that most of what they make came from salaries. They may not be independent affiliates and are probably hired by someone or a company and receive a regular income. Although there are occasions when it makes sense to do so, most affiliate marketers don’t take the PPC route without a strong justification for renting prime online ad space. Affiliate marketing research reveals that most publishers make the majority of their money through Google AdSense.

  • What are the key affiliate marketing statistics you should be looking at?
  • That means, in tools such as Google Analytics, you will see that the brand name campaign was fully responsible for the final transaction and the affiliate didn’t contribute at all.
  • It’s important to check whether you have a broad range of data points.
  • Affiliate marketing grew from a simple idea to a $12 billion global industry.
  • The budget for affiliate marketing in the US saw an increase of 44% between 2016 and 2020.
  • However, native advertising mediums will always be a vital source of revenue for publishers, especially smaller ones.

It is reasonable to predict that there will be a significant increase in the number of experts and agencies in this business in the future. 21.) Affiliate marketing generates at least $20,000 in yearly revenue for 35% of affiliates. 16.) In the United States, 71% of affiliate publishers operate with three or more networks. 12.) A whopping 94% of publications utilize numerous affiliate marketing programs.

The average income from affiliate marketing varies significantly—the numbers are different due to the industry that’s promoted, the affiliate program, the number of products, etc. About 65% of publishers say that good content boosts website traffic. If customers find their blogs engaging, relevant, and helpful, they are more likely to make a purchase. Many of the most successful affiliate marketers also claim that they experienced an increase of up to 240% in revenue by releasing useful content. Many affiliate marketers carefully consider the nature of products before committing to promoting them.

You could identify current trends and predict future ones using BI solutions. Analytics reduces the level of guesswork to a minimum and makes it possible to set clear business goals. You’ll know exactly what won’t work, what weaknesses and strengths your vertical have, and how can you use the strengths of your business for greater benefits. With statistical data and analytics, your business plan most likely will lead to a thriving franchise. A fraud detection platform is very important to your affiliate program’s health.

How to Start an Affiliate Marketing Program

Food & drink and Technology are the most popular categories for men. Speaking of video making for marketing purposes, according to video marketing stats, creating marketing videos improves the awareness of the brand, effectiveness, and ROI. That’s why you can see so many YouTubers point to the corner of the screen and prompt viewers to click a link.

How to analyze affiliate statistics

Although it has been conceptualized as early as the late-80s, our curated list of affiliate marketing statistics here indicates that the channel is far from perfection. 20% of publishers’ revenue is generated from affiliate marketing. 84% of publishers rely on affiliate marketing to generate revenue. The statistical data analysis furnishes sense to the meaningless numbers and thereby giving life to lifeless data.

Click-Through Rate

Undoubtedly, experience and intuition are also very important in making business decisions, but by relying on data you reduce risks. And for some questions, you just can’t do without numbers. Pricing strategy is one of the prime examples when you simply can’t do without data.

34.) According to the most recent data, affiliate marketing is used by more than 80% of advertisers. 20.) According to 73% of retailers, affiliate marketing initiatives fulfill their income goals. 15.) Blogging is used by over 65 percent of affiliate marketers to drive visitors. 2.) Since 2015, searches for the keyword “affiliate marketing” have increased by more than 290%. 16% of online orders in the United States come through affiliate marketing.

Nearly 85% of merchants put increased sales as one of the main benefits of affiliate marketing. Organic traffic makes the conversion rate of affiliate sites 7 times higher compared to paid advertising. Based on the 2010 to 2020 affiliate marketing statistics, the past decade was a breakout period for the channel. Affiliate marketing will come in many forms, mostly under the term martech from app tracking, turning content into shoppable links, and affiliate marketing tool automation. In the UK, affiliate marketing spending reached $670 million in 2017. As you can see, affiliate marketing, social media, and influencers are tied together.

How to analyze affiliate statistics

A sample that’s too small may be unrepresentative of the sample, while a sample that’s too large will be more costly than necessary. Keep in mind that external validity means that you can only generalize your conclusions to others who analyzing affiliate statistics share the characteristics of your sample. For instance, results from Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich and Democratic samples (e.g., college students in the US) aren’t automatically applicable to all non-WEIRD populations.

How to Analyze the Success of Your Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

Also, results and inferences are explicit only and only if proper statistical tests are practised. We hope the Statistics mentioned above should have helped you understand how big is the affiliate marketing segment. According to one more study, 43% of the people who own smart speakers use voice search to shop. 49.) An affiliate marketer in the United Kingdom earns around £35,000 annually. This stresses the effectiveness and dependability of affiliate marketing. 4.) Across sectors, the organic search yields a traffic share of 53% on average.

CJ Affiliate comes in second place with 1,709 affiliate programs. Anyone can sign up for a program and sell whatever the company is producing. The market is now 52% bigger than it used to be just 5 years ago. 38% of marketers think affiliate marketing is a top acquisition channel. With the help of statistical data analysis, experts could forecast and anticipate future aspects from data.

Average Revenue Per User

If you want to stay competitive, you should at least keep up, and knowing what your competitors are offering is a great way to do that. Besides checking the deals and promos in competing affiliate programs, also check competitor websites and read their newsletters. Look at the discount amount vs. price, promo duration, ways to benefit from the promo (coupon code, automatically at checkout, code by email, etc.), dedicated creatives, etc.

31% of publishers consider affiliate marketing to be one of their top 3 sources of revenue

Do they use in-house tracking software, and, if they do, which provider did they choose? It may be a good idea to follow their lead or at least consider the options they chose when making your decision. Employing traffic measuring tools – Similar Web’s browser extension is a free and easy to use solution to measure traffic, visitor dynamics, and social media engagement with a single click. For more in-depth analyses, the Alexa tools stack is impressive. Identify and recruit competitors’ affiliates and other similar publishers. Just as you target the same buyers, you can also target the same affiliates.

But to use them, some assumptions must be met, and only some types of variables can be used. If your data violate these assumptions, you can perform appropriate data transformations or use alternative non-parametric tests instead. Using data from a sample, you can test hypotheses about relationships between variables in the population. Hypothesis testing starts with the assumption that the null hypothesis is true in the population, and you use statistical tests to assess whether the null hypothesis can be rejected or not.

Some affiliates are bringing in millions of dollars every year. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to monetize content. Affiliate marketing grew from a simple idea to a $12 billion global industry. Statcounter, 68.33% of web traffic came from mobile in Q2 2022, compared with 39.65% desktop and 2.02% tablet.